Jewelry Guide.

The Complete Guide To Men's Accessories





The only way that you can take your average outfit a notch up is by adding the right accessories. Even the smallest bit makes a huge difference. 

Here are a lot of different clothing accessories for men. Everything added to your common shirt and pants combo can be considered an accessory.

Men's accessories are small add-ons to the outfit. Accessories can be used to personalize your style and make it reflect your personal feeling or a certain type of attitude. They can bring warmth to your look, and they can bring up that cool guy in you that you have always wanted to be. And we gonna to list the tips for how to choose your accessories PERFECTLY !

1. Wear Jewelry with confidence. 

As a man of style, it's ok to push your boundaries a bit. Many guys don't wear jewelry because they're not confident in it. That's ok. All it takes is a bit of practice and be sure that those pieces of accessories add a spark to your outfit. 

2. Paying attention to your environment.


Accessories have to be situationally appropriate. The environment is everything and when wearing jewelry it’s important that you pay attention to the rules or the general conventions. For example: 

- In formal meeting you can wear leather or cuff bracelet with your formal suit or semi-formal dress code. 

- In casual outfit you can choose beads bracelet or cords ones to be more suitable with the atmosphere.  

- Necklaces could be suitable for both as it could be visible or invisible depending on your way of wearing it so choose it as much as it make you comfortable and confident. 

3. Balance wearing jewelry. 



It would be better if you could balance wearing Bracelet, Necklace, and Ring that could be matching as well so it could give a good matching taste for your style. 

4. Wearing Jewelry In Proportion To Your Body.

There is no hard and fast rule to apply but here are some general guidelines:

  • Wide neck requires a longer necklace.
  • Wide wrist or big hands can handle a bigger bracelets.
  • Large hands/fingers look good with bigger rings – small rings might get lost on the finger.
  • Undersized guys can have smaller pieces of the jewelry.



Last but not least, you should make sure all your accessories are neat and in good shape. Now that the year has just changed, it's the perfect time to go through all your essentials and see if they need renewal.


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" Enjoy the accessories, enjoy the outfit you wear ! "


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