Genuine Leather.

The Complete Guide To Genuine Leather Material.




Genuine leather widely used by mankind for different applications since ancient times.
Nowadays there are many types of leather, and new methods of its processing let products be more wear-resistant and attractive.

Features and Benefits Of Genuine Leather 

like any other material, genuine leather has its own features, which are common only for it.

The general features of the material are:

  • Softness.
  • Strong and damage resistant structure
  • Good air circulation is ensured, since the presence of pores on the surface of the material.
  • Ability to absorb moisture.

The main benefits of genuine leather are:

  • With proper care such products can last for several years
  • Provides with comfort and protects from sweating because of its porous structure.
  • Due to its natural properties, genuine leather is good for health.

The best type of leather for Accessories / Jewelries

Of course Nappa Leather.. As a material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process it was the best choice for manufacturing luxurious accessories and outfits.

 Tricks to care about Leather products (Not only for Accessories)

  • Try to avoid water contact such as heavy rains while wearing because they don’t tolerate contact with water. But if, after all, clothing or shoes made of these materials became wet, shake them and dry on hanger at room temperature as soon as you will come back home. Don’t leave these products on a battery or other sources of heat, because they will fall out of use.
  • Dirtiness from haircell leather can be removed with the help of cloth, moistened in soapy water. But don’t let the product get wet through, as this can cause damaging of goods or the appearance of white salt stains.
  • Nappalan leather has special structure, and therefore requires special handling and must be worn with extreme care to avoid the need for dry cleaning. 

Finally, How To Make Sure You Bought a Genuine Leather Fabric !

  1. Color.

    Since leather things are rather expensive, manufacturers don’t use cheap dyes to paint it.

  2. Elasticity.

    Genuine leather is very elastic material, while products made of artificial materials are not. To check this, slightly bend a small part of material. In both cases, folds and small wrinkles will appear. But if they will be smoothed after a few seconds, item is made of genuine leather.

  3. Smell.

    Genuine leather has an incomparable pleasant aroma, while leather-cloth smells very unpleasant.

  4. Price.

    Genuine leather products can’t be cheap. The higher price compared with synthetic materials is caused by the better quality of such products and the complexity in their production.

  5. Structure of Pores


    Leather has an uneven surface with unevenly distributed pores, that you can notice from close distance to product. Most synthetic products either have no pores at all, or they are arranged in a specific pattern and have the same depth.

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