About us

Twenty-Two Beads
Since 2016

Simple Enough. Luxurious Enough !

  • Believing in our slogan, we design our high-end premium quality men jewelry. Our aim is to enhance the quality of men jewelry to be matching with the men high fashion and also suitable for different occasions.

  • To develop high-end quality jewelry we must use premium quality of raw material so we are always using natural stones, 925|Silver center pieces, genuine leather and all of this crafted with handmade talented designers. 

  • Our story began when our owner found that there are a gab in fashion between men jewelry and outfit so he decided to design and innovate men jewelry with a brand name of "Twenty-Two Beads" which come from 22 is the actual number of stones in normal size men bracelet, and beads come from the type of bracelets (stones) we started with our first classic design.
  • We are at the top of Egyptian men jewelry brands and we are working day and night to stay at the top.
Welcome at Twenty-Two Beads !